Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quick Update

The one where I don't see my husband for the next week!

The accounting department at work is doing their own version of BFL (Biggest Frickin' Loser).  Every week we bet a quarter (yeah I know, big gamblers, huh?) on who will be the Biggest Loser of the week on the show.  Last season, all of Emerald Downs participated in a company wide Biggest Loser competition, with great results -- my boss won with losing over 30 pounds.  Well, this season, the game's on with our department.  Holly, Mike, Joe, Steve and myself are competing against each other for the next 30 days to see who can lose the highest percentage of weight.  

Rico and I are doing really well by cutting our portion sizes, adding more fruits and veggies as well as going to the gym and working out at home.  Hopefully this will be the kick in the pants we need ...I just found out my dad has Diabetes so that puts me (and our future kids) at a higher risk too.  Luckily he's not insulin dependent yet.  He's on Metformin to control it right now and it seems to be working.

So with that said, in between working out, I also signed up for my first Photoshop class through Green River Community College.  It starts tomorrow with 3 sessions (Monday, Wednesday & Next Monday), from 6-9pm.  So excited! I really want to learn how to make my photos look more professional. And on Tuesday, I have an orientation for Opening Day at Emerald Downs.  

Also, this coming weekend, I'm having a girls weekend in Ocean Shores, leaving Friday and returning Sunday.  It should be lots of fun and hopefully the weather holds out because we plan to ride horses on the beach :D

Rico also began Spring Quarter at school so he's diligently doing homework in his classes.

Happy Easter everyone!

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