Friday, April 30, 2010

How I know the gym is working...

Rico and I decided that since this was his last night before the "big diet" begins and since I just finished up my contest (and haven't had a cheat day in 4 weeks) that tonight we would splurge.  We decided on Outback.  I still managed to stay within my calorie allotment for the day even with steak. I still requested that neither the steak nor the veggies - I vetoed the potatoes and fries - be cooked in butter, which significantly lowered the calories and fat. Outback now has selections on their regular menu that can be modified to be under 500 calories (marked by a feather - as in light as a feather??)

That was until the Double Chunk Chocolate Chip cookies at Fred Meyer's called our names!).  But as soon as I got home (and polished off a few of those delicious cookies) I started feeling guilty.  Is that eaters remorse??  Did I deserve a cheat day (well only a meal really)? Yes.  Did I go overboard? No.  So why the guilt?  Who knows.  But to work off that guilt, slipped into my workout clothes and headed out to spend my Friday evening at the gym.  I lead such an exciting life!  But I did work off that steak...I didn't burn enough calories to work off the cookies but I feel better either way.

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  1. I find it easier to pay attention to what I eat now that I have children. First, I want to set a good example for them. And second? They are forever following me around and asking for their "fair share" of whatever I am eating. And if you have to share your treats with an 8 year old and 10 year old?

    There's just no way to overindulge.

    That said? My husband took the girls on a trip this past weekend, and while they were gone, I ate an entire bag of cookies (a largish bag). So I apparently have no internal control left; only external daughter control.