Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh No...The Big 3-0!

Yes, it's official...I have an old man for a husband! Happy 30th Birthday Rico!!

I can't go into grande detail about his birthday present yet, but I promise to fill you in afterward since he gets this email too and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise ;) I will tell you we are going out to The Keg tonight for dinner since he gets a free steak dinner for his birthday every year from them and we all know, this southern girl will never pass up a free steak! Wow, that makes me sound like a cheapskate, lol!

This week is the last of my payroll duties. Holly comes back from maternity leave on February 8th to start the new pay cycle. I'm kind of sad. Not sad she's coming back - she makes the accounting department more exciting, lol. But I am sad to lose the extra job duties. I actually liked Payroll and it definitely kept me busy. The good news is that I can add the experience to my resume, which should help when we start looking for new jobs in Colorado.

On that note, I'm looking at getting a 2nd job, part time, in order to help us pay down our credit cards a little faster and put more towards our savings. So far, no nibbles but I kind of expected that with the way the economy is. But I will keep looking and get more serious about it after Florida - it wouldn't exactly look great to a new employer to say, "I know I just started but can I have the next week off??"

I had a data entry project at work this past week, which made it for a pretty hectic week (a double payroll week and the extra project). As most of you know, I don't like the fact that during the winter, my job slows down to the point that the work day is dragging by. So when this project presented itself, I volunteered eagerly. We were taking leads out of the Puget Sound Business Journal's annual Best Businesses of the Year report and converting it to an excel. This report detailed which businesses were the most profitable overall, and in each specific field, as well as the best businesses to work for based on employer paid insurance/benefits/paid time off/diversity, in both public and private sectors. I found it really interesting to review for this area but it also gave me the idea to look for the same publication in Colorado Springs. I think it will help Rico and I look for jobs at companies that may or may not advertise openings in the places we normally would look.

Rico figured out exactly how many classes he has left. After this quarter (ends in March), he has 4 classes remaining to take (two each quarter). That means....wait for it... He will be finished by the end of Summer! He is applying for Graduation this quarter!! So exciting! I am so proud of him!

Other good news, we are getting double the amount of $$ we expected on our tax return. I expected to get back the same amount we got last year when we filed separately but apparently, the magic of our wedding bands makes our tax return double! Whoohoo!

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