Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cooking adventures...

A success!

One of my e-friends mentioned she was going to make Kalua pork in the crock pot and I decided that since we love Kalua Pork I would attempt to make it at home. I got the recipe from this site and it turned out delicious! I sauteed cabbage to go along with it. It turned out to be one of my most favorite recipes so far. We didn't add rice so it wasn't exact this picture below but pretty darn close.

Because we had a ton of leftover pork, I also did the Pork Lo Mein from the same site. I was kind of hesitant to make this because I've never been very good at spaghetti recipes (other than traditional spaghetti). I added spinach and red, yellow and orange bellpeppers in an attempt to make it a little healthier. It looked something similar to this, with no snow peas.

Apparently, Rico loved it! He inhaled it! He said it was even better than the Mongolian Grill we go to. That's the best compliment I could have ever gotten!!

Rico now has his CPAP machine. His sleeping has definitely improved. They said it would probably take about a month for him to get used to wearing it so he hasn't worn it for a full night quite yet but he's working up to it. But Mom and Bucky will definitely notice a difference in the noise level when we visit them in February :) Speaking of which, only one month to go! Time to start tanning!

I had to spend $400 today to get my car fixed, blah! Rico's sure I got ripped off but who knows, but I probably was. I had the 36,00 mile check, my rotors were warped so they had to resurface them, oil change, tire rotation, break fluid was flushed and replaced and they checked my air bag light because it randomly came on while we were driving home from Seattle one night. The one good thing about going to my dealer for this is they are replacing my tires for free. Because I purchased my car with them and continue to get my oil changed with them, they'll replace my tires free for life. So Tuesday, I get new tires.

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