Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well, that was really nice of them!

I was in Federal Way for dinner tonight and as I was pulling up to a stop light, there were about 3 cars ahead of me and on either side of me. Apparently, one of the cars in front of me had stalled and had the driver trying to move it out of the way to the side of the road. Well, four guys, all from different vehicles got out and helped him push it over (one guy even had his wife/gf/whatever, get out of his car and drive so he could help the other driver out). It was refreshing to see random strangers helping each other... maybe it was because 9/11 was yesterday or just because they didn't want to get stuck behind the stalled car. I choose to think that they were helping out, passing along good karma and it made me smile as I drove away.

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