Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 for Hawaii

We are T Minus 33 days til Hawaii! And an unexpected but welcome surprise... Erika (Rico's mom) is coming with us to Hawaii!! We were even able to get her on the same flight and everything (which is really cool considering we're this close to leaving)!

We went to the Puyallup Fair yesterday - it's definitely better going in the middle of the week versus the weekend. I'm not a crowds person (I get this from my dad, lol). We mainly went for the food because the rides are too expensive (at least the ones we want to do - the Extreme Scream and the sling thing--basically a big rubber band that two people are attached to they pull it back and let you fly, it looks sooo cool!). It was fun but it's also very repetitive...they tend to have the same thing every year.

We also booked ourselves for a night with the Trans Siberian Orchestra. For those of you who don't know who they are, it's a rock band orchestra that plays Christmas music along with a laser light show. Basically, Christmas music set to rock beats. It sounds pretty cool from what I've heard (though Rico had to talk me into going because I was a little skeptical until I heard them). It's the weekend before Thanksgiving so should get us in the Christmas mood.

I broke out the Crockpot yesterday. I have a really hard time justifying cooking in a CrockPot during the summer when the grill tastes so much better and since we only have a limited time of year when it's ideal to cook outside up her, I try to use it as m
uch as possible. We ran out of propane just before Rico left for Texas so we've been procrastinating on the refilling. To that end, I found a cool new blog, written by an author who wrote a crockpot cookbook. She challanged herself to make something in the Crockpot every day for one year. Last night, I tried the Crockpot Fried Chicken. Delish! It basically came out like baked chicken but the meat was falling off the bone like a good pot roast (which btw, I still haven't been able to make as good as my mom!). I might have to try a few more of these recipes. Rico does love the slow cooker!

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