Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ahhh, fresh air, in harmony with nature, the smell of wood burning, nothing to distract us from each other!

Yeah... one long cold night later, lack of sleep makes us both grumpy! I think
the first sign that I'm not meant to be an outdoors girl (at least in the sense of the woods) is that we forgot to bring anything to light our campfire with. We camped at a site that was just a couple hundred yards away from a river, which was pretty cool. The water wasn't too cold - which is probably a good thing, since Rico fell in!$10 later (a $10 min charge on any credit cards at the local camp store and a 5% fee on top of that all because we forgot matches and silly me, I don't bring cash to the woods!) we have a camp fire:

And a campsite:

And the new Rico: No Gotee!

On the way there, we saw a truck straight out of Wanchese!
Ahh, a little slice of home!

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