Sunday, July 4, 2010

Emerald Downs July 3rd Fireworks spectacular!

I am working on learning more about the manual settings on my camera.  I even bought a remote to reduce camera shake while taking long exposures.  Most of these are taken at 3 seconds long.  I've got to work on focus a little more & hopefully next year, find a location with less power lines in the way!

Beware: fireworks overload to come!


  1. All things considering, I think you did a great job. I'm a little nervous about photographing fireworks tonight. I also just bought a wireless remote so we'll see if that will help me with camera shake. Unfortunately, it won't arrive until mid-week.

  2. I just got my remote on Friday so it was just in time, luckily! There was no wind so the smoke hung around and caused some of the crazy smoke colors, which is somewhat cool...The remote definitely helped, just had to hold my hand at a weird angle so the sensor would read it.