Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We're leaving on a jet plane...

We're down to the final hours before we head to the airport for Florida. I'm trying to speed this dragging day up a little so I figured I would update you guys on this past week.

Rico finally got his text book situation resolved (now that the quarter is half way over) - thanks alot Green River! So now, he can actually do his homework (which I'm sure he's over joyed about).

This past Saturday, I initiated a girls night. I invited a bunch of girls out for Mexican food and a sappy girlie movie. I was very pleasantly surprised that we were able to get 7 girls (6 of which have kids) all out at the same time. It was a lot of fun and we're planning to do it again sometime soon. Maybe next time we'll all get together at one of our houses and make a huge pot of spaghetti or something. Add some daiquiris or margaritas in there and we'll have a party!
Dear John was a tear jerker - but what else do you expect from Nicholas Sparks? It was actually one of my least favorite books by him but the movie turned out pretty good. Though it doesn't hurt that the lead actor is Channing Tatum, hehe!

I've checked the weather in Minnesota (our layover) and it seems to be cold but clear. So cross your fingers and toes that there's no freak snow storm or something trapping us BFE. I still don't understand why they're making us fly to MN then to FL... makes no sense when our flight back is through Atlanta. I would've much rather fly through southern states the whole way but no such luck.

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